ADITYA KISHORE Director of Insight, WARC

The 11th edition of WARC’s annual Marketer’s Toolkit includes a series of reports aimed at helping marketers identify new areas of industry disruption, and adapt swiftly to exploit the opportunities being created.

Businesses are well aware every year brings with it a set of challenges different from the previous one. While everyone hopes 2022 will allow us to move past COVID-19 and the widespread disruption it has caused, it will continue to have a major impact in parts of the world.

Even in countries where markets are returning to a more normal state, there are clearly defined areas where businesses will feel the need for rapid and significant change: a set of narrowly focused but deeply transformative revolutions, if you will.

Lengthy lockdowns have changed consumer mindsets, meaning marketers must rapidly understand and adapt to new behaviours. Environmental concerns are higher than ever before, with consumers likely to hold brands to account on their record. The nature, scope and preferred channels for both transactions and entertainment have shifted, and long running concerns about the effectiveness of digital measurement are becoming more urgent.

Our focus for the Global Trends Report is weighted towards economies that are opening up, with our base case scenario built on the IMF’s global economic outlook. We anticipate a steady recovery in vaccinated countries but with significant inconsistency worldwide, and recognise overhanging concerns around inflation, labour shortages and supply chain interruptions, as well as the threat of new variants driving a new round of lockdowns.

It is against this background that we developed this year’s Marketer’s Toolkit. We felt the best way to address strategic needs for the coming year would be to create a set of reports offering a selection of different tools to help navigate the coming year.

This report is the first of the series, providing research, analysis and insight into five key trends that will shape marketing strategies in 2022. Forthcoming reports will provide regional perspectives, quantitative analysis on global ad trends, and a review of emerging concepts and metrics that could help maximise marketing effectiveness.

WARC conducted a proprietary global survey of the industry in September and we’ve included some of our findings in this report. One important finding was that industry optimism is high, with approximately three out of four respondents expecting improvements to their business in 2022. While uncertainties we have listed remain, savvy marketers, who are able to initiate transformative change in critical areas, can benefit from emerging opportunities.

The Marketer’s Toolkit 2022 is designed to help companies speedily identify, adapt to and exploit these opportunities.



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